A Request for Help


On Friday 22/12/2017,  my dad's valiant was stolen from our family home.  (My dad has recently passed away).  We really want the car back and no amount of insurance can replace the valiant. My family all love the car and it is like a piece of my dad has been taken.  My dad left his car to us and it was going to be given to my brother, niece and nephew.  The car has been in the family since my dad bought it in the 1960's.

STOLEN from East Bentleigh 3165 VIC
Brown 1968 Chrysler Valiant VE Sedan
KBE 684


Someone must know the persons who stole the car.  We hope people will use their moral compass and do the right thing and tell them to surrender the car. Anonymously. No questions asked.

My dad's car was parked in the driveway behind locked gates.  The heartless and thieves took the car on a trail or truck as the car did not start.  A very brazen act.

It has all straight panels and in original condition.  The paint on the outside was the only thing in poor condition.  We are hoping someone honest out there will come forward if they are offered a valiant or valiant parts. 
We are aware that the persons who took the car may have sent it interstate so hope this post goes far and wide.

The car has extreme sentimental value now more than ever since both of our parents have passed away.  Our parents used to cruise around in it and my dad was "known" for his beloved valiant.

A true car lover would not want to take a car or parts dishonestly from another car lover.

Thank-you in advance and look forward to you reply
Kind regards,