Club Displays - Judging Criteria

Club displays add interest to the overall show. These criteria are to assist in the evaluation of the club display to see if it is attractive, interesting and likely to draw the public and prospective new members to a club site. The test is to determine whether those who have attended the show would be likely to leave with pleasant memories of particular club sites and the event overall.

Club Identity - Banners and signs to be professional with bright consistent colours and clear lettering.

Club (and/or marque) logos - should be easily visible from a distance.

Objectives of the Club - to be displayed, eg. Social, Competition, Restoration.

Vehicles Covered by the Club - If a single make, then the models covered.

Vehicle Display - Range of Models and their layout on site, and description on vehicles.

Hospitality of members to enquiries about vehicles and new membership. Key Committee Members should be wearing name and position badges.

Members' Clothing - Consistent dress style of key members (eg. Pres., Sec., Membership Sec.)

Handouts - Up to date Membership Forms and new (and old) club magazines. Next meeting date and venue.

Sale Items - Regalia, shirts, jackets caps, mugs. Posters, photographs, Road tests etc. All sale items to be clearly priced.

Displays - Posters, photos and competitions (guess or identify items).

General Layout and Neatness - No rubbish etc. cluttering the walk ways or spilling onto the road.