AOMC Seminars

2018  Club Management Seminar

The AOMC Club Management Seminar for 2018 on 11 Aug featured internationally experienced facilitator Steve Bowman.  He covered Governance issues plus a range of other key items to assist Not for Profit groups.  Other topics addressed by a series of speakers included: motivating club members, essential insurance matters, estate planning for classic vehicle owners and club promotion via digital media. 

This stimulating seminar was primarily aimed at Club Executives to assist them in running their club smoothly.

Notes of some topics presented may be downloaded:

Download the 2018 Management Seminar Programme

Download Steven Bowman's Presentation (20 page pdf AOMC WorkBook )

Download Craig Gardner's Presentation on Social Media Techniques  (24 page pdf  4 MB) 

Download Paul Davenport's Presentation on Insurance (Affinity Brokers) 

Download Melissa Krajacic's Presentation on Estate Planning (WillsandWealth)       

2018  Restoration Services Seminar

The Annual Restoration Seminar for 2018 on 21 July will feature new topics, with new speakers all aimed at classic and historic vehicle owners to assist them in simple maintenance or complete restoration projects. We aim to have more displays and demonstrations than previous years.  The details are:    

Download the Restoration Services 2018 Flyer showing some of the services and topics planned.