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Privacy Policy


The Association of Motoring Clubs will collect information from its constituent club members. This information will be updated regularly and held in a secure manner by the Association. The information held will relate only to:

-- Office bearers of the member clubs,
-- Membership fees paid and the number of individual members,
-- Postal and telephone contact of member clubs,
-- Electronic mail addresses of member clubs.

The Association provides a referral service to the public who wish to make contact with a motoring club. Information concerning constituent member clubs will be made available to prospective members and interested parties in line with a published aim of the Association. If any constituent club does not wish the Association to disclose its contact details it should advise the Association office of this fact. Individual members known as Supporters will be listed by mail address on a separate register. Supporter details will not be provided under any circumstances.

The Association assures its membership that lists of members or contact details will not be sold to commercial organisations. The Association will only provide information to organisations or groups after consultation with the executive committee and only if the information provided promotes or enhances the activities of the member clubs.

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