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Updated 8.8.16

The card records of the Victorian Motor registration data were used by the Registration Branch, RTA, Vic Roads etc. since their inception in the early 1930's. These cards were part of the set of records comprising the full history and ownership of each vehicle registered in Victoria. From the late 70's to the early 80's these records were gradually put on the official computer database and the card system was thus gradually made redundant. The AOMC fortunately obtained custody of the engine number records from the Government in 1992. Listing of all vehicles in the system.
>> The companion cards that contained the owner details etc. were destroyed by VicRoads for privacy reasons. <<

Where a vehicle was not currently registered at the time of the conversion to the official computer database the details were not input and hence any approach to the present registration authority for a report on the history of a vehicle may not reveal this earlier detail. Therefore in trying to trace an engine in a vehicle for originality or history, the AOMC database may be of use as it records this detail and in some cases may duplicate the official database. It is important to note that there are a number of typographical errors on the cards particularly in the engine/chassis prefix and suffixes, due to obvious errors when they were originally made. In the interests of historical accuracy no attempt has been made to correct these in the AOMC database and it is left to the user to make the interpretation.

It is also instructive to note that there is also the possibility that the present official computerised records may now have even more errors through their subsequent transfer from cards. Where no record is found then it is possible that the engine record card has been incorrectly filed in the card system with some other make. These may be found later when the other makes have been processed.  The AOMC has a continuing programme of sorting and checking the records.

What is on a Record?
Each record contains the Engine No. (plus prefix and suffix). Chassis/Commission No. (plus prefix and suffix), Registration No. and Type of vehicle since first registered in Victoria. The card also shows any subsequent changes that have occurred up until about 1982-4 including the numbering of the engine by the Victorian Registration authorities. If the vehicle was previously registered interstate or imported from overseas then a note might have been added. If the vehicle was stolen at some stage then there may have been an entry on a separate card. Some interstate registered vehicles which have been stolen at some time have been included where that state had advised the Victorian authorities.  The records generally start in 1933/34 although where a vehicle originally registered prior to this has had a subsequent engine change then details will be recorded.

What use are the Records?
If you are trying to trace the history of your treasured vehicle for determining: whether it was previously registered in Victoria (for the club permit scheme ), its original registration number, proving its racing career, concours originality of various items such as overdrive etc. or you are just inquisitive and want to settle a bet, then these irreplaceable records may be able to fill the gaps.

Use with the Club Permit Scheme?
If you have a vehicle that you wish to place on the CPS but do not have any evidence that it was previously registered in Victoria in its current condition eg. LHD or modified at original import, then VicRoads may require a VASS inspection before it is eligible for the CPS. An AOMC search may establish an earlier registration number that VicRoads may NOT have on their current registration computer system.  Previous registration in Victoria may also assist residents in other Australian States to join the concession registration scheme in that state/territory.

What is needed for a Search?
As a first step you should request VicRoads to undertake a search to see what is revealed. Then, if it is clear that the vehicle was registered in Victoria at some time prior to 1982 then it is most likely that the details will have been recorded on the card index. (Note if VicRoads say that there are no earlier records on their computer then you can probably believe them!)

At present only a few Makes in the AOMC records can be searched by computer. These records can be searched on any one item eg. Eng. No., Chassis No. or Reg. No., however the more detail you provide the greater the information that might be found. Other makes require a manual search on Engine No. only. All searches are performed by volunteers in their own time so please be patient.

The details required of your vehicle:

     Make and model
     Engine No. - Present and any known previous,
     Chassis/Commission No.,
     Previous Registration No(s).
Download and complete the Application Form from the Publications page

Plus a cheque made payable to Association of Motoring Clubs or the appropriate details of your credit card.  You may also make a direct deposit to the AOMC Bank Account (details on the Search Application Form).  Your donation will go towards the costs of maintaining and storing the records. (The current fees are given on the search Application Form.)

Post or Email to:
AOMC Engine Records Search
1/3 Edgecombe Crt.
Victoria 3189


What do you receive?
If there is record of your vehicle then a printout certificate of the details as per the original card will be provided as shown in the sample below.  If the record is not found you will still receive a reply providing an explanation.  The AOMC printout may be sufficient to enable VicRoads to identify your vehicle in their system and confirm the vehicle's history.  

Sample printout of a registration search result
Sample Printout
(NOTE - actual printout is of far better quality than shown here!

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