CPS Handbook Amendments for April 2017

The CPS handbook has been updated.

This revised issue contains many changes to the previous version.  It is highly recommended reading for all owners (and prospective owners) of CPS vehicles.  

Additions & amendments may be downloaded below and printed for insertion into the handbook. Keep an updated copy in your CPS vehicle !!  

Your Club should have bulk copies of the new handbook. (If not, then have your club contact the AOMC Office for bulk discounts) 

Check your CPS Renewal date!

The AOMC has received many reports from member clubs of CPS holders NOT receiving their renewal notices or receiving them late. This has resulted in the vehicle becoming UNREGISTERED. This means that the driver of the vehicle is liable for a large fine if found to be driving the vehicle while the CPS is not valid! We understand that VicRoads allows only a short period of grace for renewal. If this is exceeded then the vehicle is considered unregistered and will need to undergo a Roadworthy Test before reregistering on the CPS.

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