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The AOMC Trip Library is provided to assist clubs is selecting social runs for their members. Contributions from all clubs are welcome. See the guidelines below on how to present and submit your contributions.

Before taking your club on one of these trips ensure that the route is checked prior to the event - preferably on the same day of the week. So if the trip is planned for a Sunday do the check on the Sunday before to note any special traffic and parking restrictions eg. a local market. Also note any roadworks operating (or planned) and potential dangerous sections.

If a trip is planned with questions, eg. an observation run or treasure hunt, then it is most desirable that the answers to questions be located on the left side of the road to allow the navigator to see easily. If parking is needed to stop and answer a question then ensure a suitable site is available in a safe place that will accommodate a few vehicles and discourage stopping elsewhere in unsafe areas.

Clubs are free to download trips and modify them with other side trips or attractions and then resubmit them for inclusion in the library.

NOTE: These trip details are offered in good faith to AOMC member clubs however the AOMC takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions.

Melbourne Environs
Mia Mia Aviation Memorial
Anakie Geelong area
Daylesford Ballarat area
Central Highlands
West Gippsland
Pakenham, Drouin, Warragul area
West Coast
North West
East Gippsland
Western District
Touring Victoria
Albury to Lakes Entrance


  Guidelines on submitting a trip
  • Use a consistent style similar to the examples above.
  • MS word format.
  • Map of the district (within the doc) or source of map for copying separately.
  • Geographical area of trip eg. Melbourne environs, West Gippsland etc.
  • Distance total (km / mile) and note if any gravel roads on route.
  • Duration with / without stops (all times must be within speed limits).
  • Tulip signs or route directions in km and miles.
  • Warnings of any dangerous sections of the route.
  • Key attractions and background notes (with sources or references).
  • Contact Tel. numbers for attractions or food stops if booking is required.
  • Questions and answers if an Observation Run or Treasure Hunt should be included.
  • A summary of the trip at the top of the first page.
  • Please Include Contact details of club or author of the trip for feedback on errors or amendments.

Submit your trip details by Email to:


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