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Updated 9.4.15

Other States than Victoria
The AOMC has limited registration records of other states than Victoria. The following list gives some of the information available. Please Email: pjohnsto "@" (delete " " ) for advice as to what information there might be. The details required are:

List of registration data from other states than Victoria:


Veterans from 1910.   e.g.  No. 1 to 9142  (a handful missing or never issued ?)
Includes 95 % with make of vehicle and owner's name and address.    

No dates of issue (apart from the fact that the first were in 1910).
Finished similar to Victoria in 1915 /16. 


Municipal Registrations. Quite a few Councils.  eg. Perth.
Not more than a handful missing or never issued.
95% of all council issues have makes but not all.


Similar to Western Australia.  e.g.  Council or Municipal registrations.
Most have vehicle make.    These registrations are around 1915.
Then in 1921 / 22, State Registration came into being.


All Veteran registrations. The first records were destroyed in a fire and were re-registered again from around 1912,  some with registration detail, some with makes and hundreds without makes.


From No. 1.   Usually with full detail but again, a few "missing" or non-issued ones.
Sometimes with makes, but only approx 30%  apart from a handful of missing or non issues, these finish around 5700.


Some more information on Victorian (and other state) registration plates may be found at

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