CPS 2011

AOMC Explanatory Notes to the VicRoads Logbook Club Permit Scheme
The Scheme commenced 1 February 2011

Updated 1.2.2011

These notes have been prepared to explain the purpose and background of some of the provisions in the new Club Permit Scheme (CPS) regulations developed for the new logbook scheme. Most of the new Regs will be self-explanatory so the notes where it seems some further clarification could assist clubs and their members.

The VicRoads Regulations may be downloaded here as a text file.

These Explanatory Notes may be downloaded here as a PDF

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the new Logbook CPS available here.


In the first three pages items 1-9 are concerned with setting the context and noting adjustments to be made to the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009, of which the specific CPS provisions are a part. Item 10 sets out the new Regulations 152 –157 for the CPS.

You may note that item 9 relates to the process of internal review available to clubs or permit holders whose interests may have been affected by a VicRoads decision. The main regulations also make provision for a further external review process available where a VicRoads decision is believed to be unjust. In simple terms it means that decisions affecting users of the scheme can be scrutinised.

New regulations:

financial member This definition does not exclude formally appointed life members of clubs (they are deemed to have paid "applicable" dues, even if it is nothing).
vehicle club The exclusion does not intend to cover clubs who use the Internet as a principal way of communicating with members.The target is clubs that do not conduct the normal group activities associated with vehicle clubs, such as events, meetings or other such gatherings for the shared recreational use of hobby vehicles
155(1)(b) Club responsibility for verifying that a vehicle is safe for use will be the same as currently i.e. by club inspection and a letter confirming the vehicle’s state or by sighting a current Certificate of Roadworthiness for the vehicle.
155(1)(v) Reference to modifications has been included in anticipation of a possible new approach to this matter in the future. For the time being, the application form for the logbook scheme will (like the existing form) contain no reference to modifications. So, until such time as a new form is introduced -reflecting a new policy in this regard - no action will be required of clubs or applicants.
156(4) The new CPS label will be required to be applied in the same way as a normal registration label (to lower left of windscreen or to left side window, or in a holder if the former do not exist)
156(7) This refers to a facility whereby in the time between paying for a new permit and receiving the logbook, plates and label from VicRoads,a week or so later a vehicle may be driven for a limited number of days by recording usage on the part of the form retained by the applicant. This is another important arrangement proposed by AOMC and accepted by VicRoads.  However, given that the number of VicRoads offices that will be equipped to provide plates/logbook/label etc at the time of payment is to be doubled from 5 to 10, the temporary logbook facility will only apply to applications lodged at the smaller offices.
157J Describes the introductory phase from early 2011, whereby all existing permit holders will be issued with a logbook to be used for the remaining period of their current permit. The present permit form will need to be carried with the logbook, lieu of the permit label that will only be issued after the next renewal date. These changeover arrangements represent a very fair and generous way of ensuring that all existing CPS users gain the benefit of the new system from the start.

Explanatory Notes provided by: Rod Amos (Vice President AOMC)

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